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Various vinyl record music shows shared with online and offline radio stations, including hospital radio syndication

Vinyl Impressions radio show is produced six times each month and made available for download so that subscribers to the system can add them to their radio station schedules for broadcast at any time of day.  The Vinyl Impressions shows are generic for playout at any time 24/7



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Vinyl Music – Different Shows

Each show is a different niche.  The themes include, Vinyl Pop, Old, Gold ‘n’ Rare, Vinyl 60s, Mystery Year Top 3s, Vinyl Across The Decades, Vinyl Album and more.

Of course, if there is something you like, we’ll produce more of it.  Thought of a theme?  Let the presenter know, it’ll be on its way.

Each show is ‘supported’ by a business that gets up to four quick mentions by the presenter in each hour.  There are, however, no blatant ads.


We only need your name, email address and radio station name for your to apply to join the show syndicate

6x Every Month

You are notified of each set of new shows via email so you can download them whenever you are ready


The presenter does not mention the time or anything that can ‘date’ the show. You can safely play them out at any time of the year at any time of day or night

Overview of Shows

There are six new shows delivered every single month.  The theme of each show is different so you can be sure of a good variety.  Some of the most popular themes are produced more often, while new themes are tried every so often just for good measure.  The DJ is always cheerful and the music carefully chosen.  The Vinyl Impressions is an ideal schedule filler, however, most stations end out playing them out at peak times as they become so popular.

Old, Gold n Rare

An All Time Fav!

If the music is old, it’s included, if it’s sold so many copies that it’s earned a gold disc, it’s included and, just for a good variety, rare vinyl tracks are played, as well

Vinyl Pop

Vinyl Pop Hits

There are two types of Vinyl Impressions shows that feature ‘Vinyl Pop’, firstly, Vinyl Pop and, secondly, Vinyl Pop Hits.  Vinyl Pop is exactly that but with tracks not necessarily being a chart hit, while Vinyl Pop Hits feature the biggest chart hits from across the decades

Mystery Year

Mystery Year Top 3s

So many stations love The Mystery Year Top 3s where, presenter Martyn Brown plays the top 3 singles and the listener has to try to remember which year the songs played, are from.  This has proven a great fun show and usually features every month.

Vinyl 1960s

Classic 60s Hits

Vinyl 1960s is usually the big pop hits from this decade but, sometimes, it features the rare tracks that have become collector’s items over the years.  We have found the listener doesn’t always want to hear the big hits but, rather, some of the more obscure vinyl tracks too.

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These Are Testimonials From Listeners & Vinyl Impressions Subscribers

Molly Fudge

Hi Martyn, great show, first time I have listened in, both me and my little sister are dancing!!!! Thanks Molly …

Will Reid

Fantastic! A welcome addition to the 1, Martyn – sounding great and very professional Love the enthusiasm too! – Will


You always do great shows :);) – Ylle

Jonathan Sawyer

Awesome!  We started scheduling The Vinyl Impressions show at Christmas.  We now play it out several times a week as it’s very popular.

About The Presenter

Martyn Brown used to work for a company that hired Jukeboxes out to pubs, clubs and cafes around the UK. So, record collecting was an obvious hobby and one which he has kept up for over 45 years and counting. Collecting rare vinyl 45s (and 33⅓s, come to that) became a passion where visiting record fairs up and down the country became the norm for DJ Martyn.

You’ll hear many of the collector’s items in some of Martyn’s Vinyl Impressions shows. Martyn presents from his own studio (a converted office) in Dorset, United Kingdom each week and enjoys every minute of it, from researching, producing and presenting each programme.

He has also worked on local radio in Bournemouth, Dorset, presented shows with national radio DJs and performed at some of the biggest clubs around.

Rather than retire from music, DJ Martyn prefers to work with Internet Radio to play his record collection to those who really do appreciate good quality music and who realise that there’s possibly more to music than just the ‘Top 40 charts’.

Martyn Brown

Martyn pre-records The Vinyl Impressions show for radio station syndication but does, however, still present live shows on occasions.  These are either live broadcasts from an Internet radio station or at special offline events in and around Dorset in the UK.

Sample Radio Shows

Here are some sample shows so that you can hear the type of programmes I produce by way of, Vinyl Impressions.
You get six free shows every month from varying niches, but all from vinyl record.

If you do not want to sign into Mixcloud to sample the shows, you can view a list of shows by going directly to The Vinyl Impressions Show Page

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