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Make Your Request or Dedication Here!

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(once there, follow these instructions)

1) Type in the artist or song title.

2) Fill in form at bottom of page

3) Click Send

Sample Shows

Simply click the image above to see a list of example Vinyl Impressions shows.

As you’ll see and hear, there are plenty to choose from.  You will also have access to the back-catalogue of shows.

This new website was launched during February 2016.  I did think it was about time we had a site dedicated to The Vinyl Impressions radio show as it had become so popular.

I launched The Vinyl Impressions show early in 2014 and it’s gone from strength to strength, I must say, and it’s all down to the stations broadcasting the shows on a regular basis.

We do have ‘supporters’ for the shows which are businesses who donate something towards Hospital Radio in return for their own supported show.  This gives their business, up to, four mentions during any one-hour programme.

All the shows are generic so you can play them out at any time with no conflict and ‘ageing’ of shows.

Join up by using the form on the home page.

Plenty of shows to choose from

Welcome to the new Vinyl Impressions music radio show website.

I seem to be building websites for every other aspect of my life, so why not one for my Vinyl Impressions radio show?

I’ll post here when I have updates and notifications of new shows and information regarding The Vinyl Impressions programme.

Please let your fellow radio stations controllers know about this show.  It’s free to registered users.

Vinyl Impressions Mic